Monthly Archives: August 2012

Running On Empty

Well, I’m realizing that a person needs to be both mentally and physically ready before they can run a long distance. At least that’s the case with me. Last week was a little crazy with it being Jamie’s first week as a teacher and a hectic schedule for me due to some fantastic training sessions the week prior. Because it was so crazy, I had to bump my regularly scheduled run sessions from Tues/Thurs to Wed/Fri.  That meant that instead of having 2 full days of rest before the week’s long run, I only had 1.  I thought that would be enough.

I was wrong. My legs and feet said, “yes, we’re ready to do this! Let’s do this!” Unfortunately, my brain said something like, “man, I’m tired. Are YOU tired? I’m tired. Is anyone else tired? Tired, tired, tired…”

Okay, maybe I have a little too much time to myself… 🙂

Here’s what I realized: Mental rest is just as important as physical rest! Give your brain a break – it can work FOR or against you. I’ll definitely remember that before I decide to run on empty next time. Yesterday’s 20mi run turned into a 10-miler and that was really stretching it.

Tomorrow’s a new day. 14 mile easy run is on the schedule. After a great day at work, I’m sure that will be just the thing to help me wind down! Have a great week. I’m hopeful that I’ll write another post here soon!  Thanks for your support.