Monthly Archives: February 2012

Going the Distance, Going for Speed

Tempo runs and speed work. Words that were foreign to me just a year ago as I started my fitness journey.  The first time I did a tempo run (running faster than my body was used to), I thought I was going to pass out.  They’re built to help you condition your body, building endurance and stamina.  Now, tempo work is simply part of training.  I’m not as fast as Hal Higdon, but I’m feel that I’m making progress.  Funny how life works.  

Something else I’ve learned: the metric system.  Well, not the entire metric system, but enough to make sense.  Now I know how far a kilometer and meter are, which takes the guesswork out the equation.  

Training is going well.  Thanks to an excellent training plan, I can happily report great, injury-free progress.  The best part?  It’s starting to finally show. 

Here’s an update on my activity (just in case you’re not following RunKeeper):

  • 2/16/2012 – Easy run – Ran 4mi in 00:44:40 at 11:10 pace
  • 2/19/2012 – Easy run – Ran 5mi in 00:51:04 at 10:13 pace
  • 2/21/2012 – Easy run – Ran 2mi in 00:22:19 at 11:09 pace
  • 2/23/2012 – Tempo run – Ran 5mi in 00:55:58 at 11:12 pace (tempo 3mi at 9:32 pace)

In just about an hour, I’m headed out to take advantage of this beautiful sunny (yet windy) day here in Springfield for a 12mi run.  If you’re local and would like to join me, shoot me a message via Twitter (@runbcuz).  You’re more than welcome to run the full or partial distance with me.  I’d like the company!