Monthly Archives: December 2011

Recovering..Whether I Like It or Not

Recovery is killing me.  Seriously.  I have had this nagging foot/calf/leg ache for a couple of weeks now and it’s driving me nuts.  When I run, it seems to work itself out, but then comes back to haunt me later.  So I decided to rest this week, forgoing my Tuesday run.

I didn’t realize just how much I depended on my run for solace, sanity, and serenity.  This week has been quite possibly the busiest, most productive and most stressful than any other week I can remember.  Running is my outlet (I know…who knew?) and allows me to decompress.  Without the activity this week, I’ve been even more stressed.  What to do?

Rest helped me recuperate, but now I’m kind of freaking out because my next half marathon race is in 9 days!!  Every little ache, sneeze, stomach grumble, etc.  is making me absolutely paranoid.  What are your suggestions  to help me stay sane?  🙂  I’m not actually going crazy, but things are much simpler, much calmer when I have an outlet.  Know what I mean?

Please feel free to comment!  Thanks in advance.