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Runner’s Log – September 25

Not.  🙂  Yesterday”s run was nice, though.  12 miles didn’t seem like a “nice” run, but with the fantastic fall weather (66F), I found the pep for my step.  I told Jamie that I was going to run to Walmart and back.  She joked and said that she had a list for me, but didn’t think I could get the cart home. Nice to know she has a sense of humor.

That wrapped up my 8th week of half marathon training.  I can’t believe I’m typing this!  8 weeks – that’s 145mi total since August 1st.  Goals are getting closer to achievement.  It’s really a wonderful feeling.  Some people think I’m nuts for running all the time, but as I’ve mentioned before, it brings me peace, self-awareness, and my senses are awakened to things that were missed everyday.  I’m happier.  It’s helped me make some improvements on my attitude.  I hope that this has been noticed (Jamie – care to weigh in?).  🙂

Here are the stats for yesterday”s run:

  • 12mi run in 02:14:00 
Watch out for runners on the roads.  The weather has brought them out of the woodwork!  Until next time, carpe diem!