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Runner’s Log – August 27-30 [pic]

Going the distance.  Sounds simple, right?  Not so much…

This weekend wrapped up the fourth week of my half marathon training, sending me on a 3mi and 7mi run Saturday and Sunday.  Up until this point, I had never run this distance before in my life.  Remember the quote from the Tortoise & the Hare?  “Slow and steady wins the race…”  Well, I’m not sure if it wins the race, but it sure accomplishes the task at hand!

Here are my times:

  • 8/27 – 3.1mi in 00:29:23
  • 8/28 – 7.0mi in 01:13:30
  • 8/30 – 3.1mi in 00:31:26
Not bad at all, considering I would have keeled over at the very thought of a 3mi, much less 7mi run a year ago!!
Oh yeah, yesterday was a cross-training day.  My equipment of choice?  See below.
What??  Mowing the lawn is hard work!  This isn’t a self-propelled model – it’s the real deal, folks.  My neighbors certainly appreciated me cutting down the jungle I had going.  🙂  I also did some weightlifting exercises and ab workouts to supplement.  Working with some resistance bands to help build some muscle and tone.
What do you do to cross-train?  Let me know.  We can all benefit from your insight!  Thanks in advance.