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Runner’s Log – July 29-30

Here we go, folks!  The training for my first half-marathon has begun.  As I saddled up on the treadmill last night (outside temperature was still 100F at 9pm), I started my Friday run.  First of all, what a way to unwind from the stressful week at work!  It was nice to let my mind free itself and focus on the joy of the moment.  If you’re a morning runner, good for you.  I’m not.  But then again, I’m also not a morning person.  Sure, it sets the tone for the day, but I really like my sleep (and I stay up late watching TV.)  I’d rather come home from a long day, eat dinner, then hit the road.  Do what works for you.  There’s not a one-size fits all approach to this.

I ran 5 miles in 55:53 last night.  Not bad.  The goal is distance right now, not really the time.  We’ll work on that later.  Right now, I’m just trying to build endurance and trying to keep from passing out!

Here’s one thing I want to mention: Just because you’re exercising all the time doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food.  We had pizza and breadsticks last night for dinner.  Regular crust, you know, the good kind.  Heck, I even contemplated a beer or two.  That’s on the grocery list.  🙂  Pace yourself – in your exercise and as you eat the finer things in life.  Moderation is good.  If you have a bad day, you can always get back on your feet.  Find the support to do so.  My friends and family, particularly my wife, are that support for me.

Saturday, July 30

Today, I cross-trained.  Well, I guess you could call it that.  I hate lifting weights.  I’m not a fan of the elliptical or bicycle either.  So, what do I do?  My wife introduced me to a really fun workout a couple of weeks ago.  ZUMBA!  Yes, it’s the dance/aerobic/kick your butt workout.  And it’s really fun.  I may not be the best at it, but it keeps me moving, exercising different muscles that wouldn’t normally get a workout during running.  This class isn’t like what you see on television or in the big gyms like Lifetime Fitness, etc.  Actually, it’s better.  The instructor/student ratio is super-low and we have a lot of fun, laughing at ourselves, but still working our butts off.

60 minutes of Zumba burns approximately 600 calories for me.  It’s going to vary from person to person, but if you do it right, take it seriously, and have a little fun, you’ll see results!  If you’re in Springfield, MO and interested in the class, email for information.  Marlana or Jackie would be happy to share their experience with you!

That’s it for now.  Whatever you do today, remember to keep moving (even if only for a short bit!)  Stay tuned to Run Because for updates throughout the week!